“Writing is hard”…but worth the struggle

A few posts back, I talked about how hard the first year of my PhD was.  I wrote about tackling insecurities and learning that I don’t have to know everything, that I do know something, and that I am always growing as a scientist and person (see the post here).

Today, I want to announce that the core of my master’s thesis was published in the journal Marine Ecology Progress Series!  Oh happy day!  And this particular effort really taught me that writing is a hard process….but the end product is worth every bit of the struggle along the way.

I cried an ocean through the 2 years it took to get from the blank word document to the published pdf.  But with every rejection, criticism, and moment of writer’s paralysis,  I learned that I could keep pushing through the frustration and exhaustion – even when I felt that I could not look at that manuscript one more time!

And I also learned to celebrate every milestone…from the successful thesis defense, to submitting the manuscript for the first time, receiving the notification of its final acceptance, and rejoicing in its publication.

A link to the article can be found here: Invasive decor: an association between a non-native decorator worm and a native seaweed can be mutualistic and you can read more about this research here.  A huge shout out and thank you to everyone who made this publication possible! And a most special thanks to my co-authors and supportive friends who walked every step of the road alongside me.

So upward and onward onto the next writing project!  I am hoping that with every manuscript the process becomes a bit easier…but like most things in life that we hope to get better at, it is going to take practice.

And for me, writing will take A LOT of practice! I practiced every day when I was learning to play piano, or when I was swimming competitively. It is high-time I learned that writing is no different. It is time to commit to a daily writing practice! And hopefully instead of tears of frustration from having to write, I will joyfully embrace the opportunity to write and communicate the research I care so deeply about.



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