Below you can read more about the different projects I am or have been involved in…my own research as well as research I have assisted with.

Eco-Evo effects of Geese-seagrass interactions

My dissertation research studies the intersection of ecology and evolution on contemporary timescales. Specifically, I am interested in how ecological disturbance can drive evolutionary change within populations and what consequences these changes have on communities and ecosystems. Theory predicts that disturbance can alter the evolution of populations via not only natural selection, but also through … Continue reading Eco-Evo effects of Geese-seagrass interactions

Ecology and genetics of an invasive seaweed

I did my master’s research with Dr. Erik Sotka at the College of Charleston studying the invasive seaweed Gracilaria vermiculophylla (check out a video that gives a great overview of the Sotka Lab, including some highlights of my research, here).  Gracilaria vermiculophylla is native to the northwestern Pacific and has been introduced to all the major coastlines of the northern … Continue reading Ecology and genetics of an invasive seaweed


  ZEN stands for the Zostera Experimental Network and is a global, collaborative, research effort aimed at understanding the effects of diversity on eelgrass ecosystems.  Be sure to check out the ZEN website to learn about eelgrass systems, the participating partner sites, and the latest news and updates about the project!  I have worked three ZEN sites during … Continue reading ZEN

Quantifying toxic microalgae

The summer before I graduated from undergrad, I had the opportunity to participate in a NSF-funded “Research Experiences for Undergraduates” program (REU).  To all those undergrads out there – this is a FANTASTIC opportunity to gain research experience before graduating and I HIGHLY recommend checking it out!  For my REU, I worked with Dr. Sonya … Continue reading Quantifying toxic microalgae

Other projects

I am happy to have assisted several great research teams with a variety of projects….   Partnership for Interdisciplinary Studies of Coastal Oceans (PISCO) through the Lubmenge lab at Oregon State University. A collaborative project between Dr. Matthew Hare and Dr. Martha Burford-Reiskind studying local adaptation in the Eastern oyster along the Atlantic coast of Florida.   … Continue reading Other projects

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